Absolute priority given to finance leaders from Luxembourg

Consultants are not admitted.

Strict ethic

Jury members will be announced after the voting period during the Finance Summit Award Ceremony.
No solicitation of Jury members is allowed.

Control guarantee

Procedure and vote results will be transmitted to Sir Engel, Bailiff.
No manipulation of any kind is allowed.

Clear independence

InFinance, as all Farvest communities, do not take part in the voting process because of its commercial relations with some candidates. Moreover, members of the Jury can’t vote for any award when a member of his/her team is a candidate or a company which has capitalistic relation with his/hers.


A special thank to the 2017 Jury members

Aon Global Risk Consulting, Denis Regrain
ArcelorMittal, Paul Perdang
Arendt & Medernach SA, Jean-Manuel Lopez
Autopolis S.A, Eric Philippe
Banque Delen Luxembourg, Freddy Ramon
Cargolux Airlines International S.A., Maxim Strauss
CEL – Société agréée PSF, Frédéric Favart
Centre Hospitalier Emile Mayrisch, Daniel Cardao
eProseed Europe S.A., Laurent Pulinckx
Experta Luxembourg, Laurent Gomez
Fideuram Bank Luxembourg S.A., Giovanna Giardina
Groupe Foyer, Philippe Bonte
ING Luxembourg, Philippe Gobin
INOWAI S.A., Paul Mathes
Jeelis, Johnathan Prince
KBL, Rachel Hamen
Lux Airport, Alexander Flassak
LuxConnect, Julien Franck
Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Pierre Schoonbroodt
Moventum, Laurent Belloco
PhB Management, Philippe Bruneton
SMBC Nikko Bank Luxembourg S.A., Ingrid Lambert
Spirit Asset Management, Damien Cabadi
Tricentenaire, Eric Bertemes
UniCredit Luxembourg S.A., Mario Tommasi